After being sexually starved for over 2 years  by my husband…
I lost it one day and yelled at him…
Not all men will have 6 or 7 inches penis…
But it’s a crime for men not to be able to last longer to satisfy their women in bed 

To be honest with you there’s nothing as embarrassing, annoying and humiliating as wanting to go down with your woman and your penis starts misbehaving.

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My Marriage of 10 Years Almost Crumbled!


How Just A Tablespoon Of Joystick Tea Took Away My Pain Of 2 Years… Took My Husband’s Weak Penis To Hard Rock Erection… Made Him Go From Lifeless 2 Minutes Sex To On-Demand 24 Hours Erection And Restored Confidence In My Husband

And right now my husband

Get strong erection when he want it

And he gives it to me how long I want it 

Every Single Time

But it wasn’t anything this good about 2 years ago.

I will tell you about it in a moment but first…

My name is Esther Monday, I’m 37 years old, mother of 3 and I love my husband so much.

If you are a man who believes ALL his woman needs is money and nothing else..

Or you believe that it does not matter if you satisfy your woman or not,

Or the topic sex offends you – even though you do it

Or you don’t care if your woman cheats or not

Or you don’t desire to last longer… have a stronger erection… have a high healthy libido… and have strong sexual energy

Or you don’t believe there’s a natural and powerful, no-side-effect way to achieve this (Aside from the popular pills)

You can stop right here and look for something else to do.

This is for men who truly understand that satisfying their women sexually is something they do till nature requires it no more…

5 seconds you're done.. Don't be like him

Here’s the beginning of the problem 

My husband used to last nothing less than 30 minutes. 

But at a point, this 30 minutes reduced to 20. 

I felt it but I didn’t allow it to bother me.

Until it got to 15 and then 10. 

I started getting worried because I knew something was off. 

10 minutes became 2 and then the worst happened… 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

My husband would lose erection just when he was about to penetrate or after few seconds

At times, the penis would switch off totally

Then I would have to start playing with it… massaging it 

And it still would not rise 

And when it did… it would be too weak and useless to penetrate. 

I was always frustrated

My lucky days were when I had 2-3 minutes of sex

In the morning, when all men must wake up with a solid erection…

My husband would wake up with sleeping penis 

And this is the first thing you need to pay attention to as a man…

If you don’t wake up with a strong erection in the morning… something is wrong

When I could not bear anymore, I got a dildo

But then I knew this was not good for my husband

A toy should not take his place

Aside from that, any toy (no matter the price) can never be like my husband on me

After a while, I stopped using it and encouraged my husband to get the blue pills (aka Viagra) and few other ones 

We tried it and his sex improved a bit but there was always this heavy migraine and at times his heart rate would rapidly increase

We decided to stop it after a while and stayed from sex because there was no point in getting me in the mood and leave me hanging

Imagine when I’m ready to be devoured like a lion devouring its prey only to see my husband’s manhood saying another thing.

For 2 years… my sex life was a disaster

My husband would have erections that were not firm

At times, he would ejaculate some seconds into the sex

This was not good for my husband and not good for me

He knew he wasn’t performing and that he was failing me but he could not get the erection needed to satisfy me

The desire was always there… the desire to fuck me really hard like a real man was there, but his manhood would take a long time to respond to that desire… at times, no response

And when his penis finally responded… he would release almost immediately

And by the way,

There was nothing like second round in all these times

He would not have the erection for 2nd round no matter how hard I tried

It was always first round of few seconds and some lucky days I got 3 minutes with weak penis like a toothless bulldog

Here’s a secret most women may not tell you…

When we love you…

We want sex from you… as many times possible 

And if you can’t give us that… 

We become frustrated… agitated

And our frustrations can make us do things… bad, stupid or good or something in between

I probably would have done something stupid if it took longer or if my husband wasn’t sincere with me

Because most men… maybe even you… will start giving their wives excuses like work is demanding

Or having financial issues

Or one problem is affecting him so he can’t perform his bedroom duties

Most women will start adding things up and start thinking maybe he no longer finds her attractive

Or he now has someone outside where he’s getting his sexual needs met

Which may be true sometimes

But the truth is…

Every woman wants her sexual needs met

And let me tell you…

If she bears it with you for a year or two… Do you think she can do that for 3,4,5 years?

And even if she can bear it for 20 years…

Do you really want to punish her sexually?

You can see I used the word “punish”. 

That’s exactly how she will use it for you when she’s finally tired… of bearing it. 

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you anymore…

She Just Can’t Bear It Anymore

And that’s true for every woman

Most women will not even get to that stage before they look somewhere else for satisfaction. 

Your friends, gateman, cook, their ex… or anyone available to quench that fire

A woman who has liked sex can never unlike it

Know that and know peace

If you used to drill her pussy very well before… 

She needs you to continue like that because you need to know we women are wired differently

We are not built like men and we need to have all the sex we can… before we get into our 60s

You may be thinking if cheating on my husband ever crossed my mind

You will be right to think so, 

It did cross my mind. 

But I didn’t give in because I knew this was not something that could not be fixed

I knew there was a way to solve this problem and that’s what I did. 

I started asking friends and anyone who cared to listen how to get my husband’s once solid erection back. 

By the way, this was over a year because I kept it between me and my husband and decided to suffer in silence

First, nobody believed I had endured such a thing for over a year. 

Some would say “but your husband looks perfectly healthy”

Anyway, that didn’t stop me… because na me know wetin dey fight me! 

My husband was also searching. 

I remember one day he brought home some products all excited that they would solve his problem.

In his words “I go knack u tire today!”

He took them that day… and after 4 weeks… he had to dump them and all his high hopes went down the drain because they didn’t help him.

Several months we were still trying this and that but nothing really helped like we wanted

Then one day…

A friend I had told about this issue months ago called me one day and said she found the perfect solution. 

She sent me a number and said I should tell him my husband’s problems

I did as she instructed and after a phone call that lasted over 20 minutes… 

He said it’s something that can be fixed without stress. 

In my head I was like, is this man joking?

Something that we have been running around for about 2 years? 

Anyway, I chose to believe him because even it didn’t work, it won’t be a disappointment I requested for 3 packs. 

And the following day it was delivered. 

When my husband came back from work…I took a spoon of it… 

Poured it into a teacup of warm water… moderate water. 

Stirred it very well and when the temperature was cool enough… my husband drank it

Then we waited…

The anticipation in my eyes was sharp like a razor. 

And in about 13 minutes…

My husband said his body was moving somehow like he was having goosebumps. 

I moved closer to my husband and put my head on his lap… close to his penis. 

And for the first time in 2 years… 

I felt my husband’s penis hitting my head…

He had erection without me massaging it or being naked!

We quickly rushed into the bedroom and my husband gave me one of the best sex of my life that night. 

He poured his soul and his energy… everything he had missed in the last 2 years. 

And for the first time since we married…

I had multiple orgasms and even squirted

My husband never fucked me that good since we married. 

We had to sleep in the visitor’s room that night because the bed was wet. 

The next morning my husband woke up with hard rock morning wood and we had another mind-blowing sex

The kind of sex that makes you stop to catch your breath

And when my husband got to work the following day…

He said when his mind went back to the sex…

He would start having strong erection again

In no time, people started asking me if I was taking anything because my skin was just glowing. 

But what I know is the stress and worries of not being satisfied sexually is gone 

And I have peace of mind. 

If I am in the mood now…

Just a tap on my husband’s lap and a kiss on his lips will get his penis standing strong for action.

My husband now fires anytime without missing

You too can achieve same result if you believe it’s your right as a man to fuck your woman so good… every time

That’s why I am revealing this solution to you.


Joystick Tea

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If you are the type of man women make fun of or even your woman because you can’t last long. 

If you don’t want to sexually frustrate your woman. 

If your want your woman to enjoy good and lasting sex. 

If you care about the sexual needs of your woman

Or you know that good sex can keep your woman loyal to you

If you know that aside from giving her money… no matter how much you also equally need to give her good sex. 

If you strongly desire to fuck her real good that she goes from begging for more to saying I’m tired… don’t kill me. 

Or you want to instantly upgrade your sexual performance from poor to excellent

Joystick Tea is what you need to make that happen with just a teaspoon of it

Don’t take my words for it. 

See what people like you are saying:

99% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend!

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All the ingredients in Joystick Tea are all natural. 

It’s not made with chemicals. 

It’s 100% safe and free from side effects.

If you desire to have the kind of sex that makes your woman feel good…

It’s your right to give her that kind of sex…

You should get your hands on Joystick Tea immediately. 

You don’t need to ask your woman if the sex was good. 

Or baby how did I do? 

Her actions after sex will tell you the sex was good. 

You can actually tell when a woman is sexually satisfied

For me, I smile a lot and start doing things for my husband. 

Things he didn’t ask for but I know are good.

See what people are saying about this:

Everytime we have sex I see this confidence in my husband’s face. 

The fact that he knows he can last up to 40 minutes and more. 

And still have his erection on-demand anytime of the day gives him wings. 

That’s how it should be for every man…

That’s how it should BE FOR YOU

Anything short of that is failure.

But it’s not something you have to worry about anymore. 

Joystick Tea will take care of it permanently for.

Joystick Tea is nothing like you have ever taken… you have my 100% guarantee (more on this soon) 

And it’s all natural

See what people are saying:

JOYSTICK is all you need.

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how to use

  • One tea spoon of Joystick in a cup of water, stir and drink.
  • Take three times weekly.
  • Note: You can take it 30 minutes before having sex. But for restorative purposes and more effectiveness, it is advisable you take it thrice weekly. This will ensure you are prepared for intercourse at any moment without taking the tea right before sex and attain peak performance.

As it is, you have three options:

The ball is in your court…

It’s time to stop wishing you could last even if just 10 0r 20 minutes…

And start lasting 50, 60 minutes… and as long as you desire. 

You don’t need 5 or 10 things to do that for you…

You only need Joystick Tea

And not only is it effective… It’s also safe and fully certified by NAFDAC 

A teaspoon of it into a teacup of hot water does magic…

It turns you to a sex god!

No more half-baked and annoying sex. 

Take her pain away through sex. 

Make her cum and take her to places she has lost hope of getting to… sexually 

Feel good about your new sexual power, stamina and strength. 

If you take this and you don’t feel a new level of sexual energy in you… 

And you don’t have hard rock erection…

Reach out for a full refund of your money

And this is not just ordinary 

Joystick Tea is as a result of many things. 

From fear to pain and  pleasure  

It’s what turned my sexual life around for good. 

I recommend it to all men with pride because I know what it does.

If after using Joystick Tea for 30 days and it doesn’t work for you, please chat us up on WhatsApp (+2348092452403) and we will give you a 100% refund.

No stories

That’s how confident we are about how Joystick Tea will help you.

So, trust me, you will definitely send your testimony!

HURRY! 250 Packs In Stock (Updated: 25 June 2024, 19:31 PM)
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Many of our clients see significant results within 3 days of using Joystick Tea

HURRY! 250 Packs In Stock (Updated: 25 June 2024, 19:31 PM)
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Order Now To Claim 20% Off + Free Shipping
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HURRY! 250 Packs In Stock (Updated: 25 June 2024, 19:31 PM)

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HURRY! 250 Packs In Stock (Updated: 25 June 2024, 19:31 PM)
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