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Men, how’d you like to boost your sex drive and be able to attain peak performance?

…That was me talking 8 months ago when someone introduced this this product to me.

Until one day, when my woman told me noodles takes longer to cook than me reaching orgasm.

My self confidence and ego was attacked. I couldn’t believe it..

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I was a typical “one Minute Man”

I couldn’t even hold up to 1 minute sometimes.

I read a lot of delay strategies online and applied them too but I was wasting my time and data.

At a point, I would try my best to last longer by withdrawing my “machine gun” during the war.

But immediately I put the machine gun back in, I would release fast, no matter how hard I try to control it..

I noticed my woman was not satisfied and still needed more but I couldn’t help her or myself.

Sometimes, I would start talking during intimacy just to take my mind off what I am doing… but at last I will still not last up to 1 minute.

It Was A Very Shameful And embarrassing Time In My Life.

This issue made me feel less of a man.

I lost my self-confidence and pride as a man when it comes to that area..

To be fair, I tried my best to solve this problem.

I took all this herbal stuffs, from local drink, to yoyo bitters, to cleansers, but none worked for me.

There’s this popular saying,

“A problem shared is a problem half solved”

but this saying was not for me because I was too ashamed to deflect my ego and tell my friends about my problems.

At a time, it became unbearable, I had to open up and discussed my problems with a friend..

And he told me to mix milk with banana and egg, which I did, but still I ended up embarrassing myself and my village people. Lol

It Didn’t End There…

I spent so much money on different supplements in the market..

I just ended up wasting my money and time.

The only time I had a sting of success was when I started taking hard drugs like viagra, tramadol, anafranil..

They worked, but these drugs almost killed me – my heart was pumping excessively.

I was at the point of giving up when an old friend of mine from way back in the secondary school,
 ( I will never forget him in this life) recommended this relationship-saving product called….


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>> Intimacy is more about satisfying your partner and not just yourself alone.

>> The reason you are able to reach cIimax and release is because your woman satisfies you with her body.

>> And you also should reciprocate by making her reach orgasm.

Think About This!

 How would you feel if whenever you get intimate with your woman she doesn’t allow you to release?

 And she gives you excuse like “I cummed already “I am tired”

 You will definitely feel bad..  wouldn’t you?.

Intimacy with her will be meaningless.

And you will even start looking for a side chick outside to satisfy you!

I am a man, I know what I am saying.

Now put your woman in your shoes.

This Is the exact reason Why Some Women Cheat on their husband or partner.

Most are not cheating because of money or gifts.

Most women that cheat are married to well-to-do men.

They cheat for only one reason, which is “Satisfaction” that they cannot get from their men.

5 seconds you're done.. Don't be like him


Unlike men, women anatomy is built differently..

To satisfy a woman, it takes about 30 minutes to 1hour.

But there is a problem with that.

Most men cannot even last up to 3 minutes. ( This is a fact)

Lot of reasons comes to play here, which makes it difficult to last long and enjoy intimacy more..

Let Me Tell You The Raw Truth!

You can close this page if this sounds bitter to you..

I don’t care..

Here Is It...

“If u are a “one minute man” that cannot last up to 30 minutes or more, there is every possibility that your woman is already cheating on you..

But if you are lucky, and you have a God fearing woman, then she is tired and just bearing it….

Even though she is not telling you or even telling you, but you are not doing anything about it.

But if you really want to end that quick popping, so that you can be able to bang that booty very well and very hard tonight with confidence, then:

JOYSTICK is all you need.

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People Who Have Used This Product And Have Gotten Result

Here is .......


One of the main reasons why I bought this product was because of the instant result promised..

I was tired of all these 30-Days product,  even after the 30days, I still don’t see any result.

So, I needed something that is safe and can do the job immediately. 

And amazingly, the product worked beyond my expectation.

The first night I used this product, I was surprised that I could last more than 15 minutes, my woman couldn’t believe it too.

During the next round, we went on and on.

 I was on top my woman for almost 50 minutes (Me that couldn’t even last 1 minute before).

But let me tell you what surprise me even more.

I thought my madam would be tired or complain because I was taking too long.

But instead she was ENJOYlNG it.

All her hidden sexual demon came out that day.

I was surprised to hear her say “Take Me From The Back” “Let Me Come On Top”, “Do this style and do that style”

I was in awe, we both had a great time

 And everything has changed in our intimacy life.

I am proud of myself now, my woman is always very happy now.

I am always looking forward to next intimacy time because I have confidence that, with the help of JOYSTICK TEA its going to be a banger.

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The reason why you release fast is because of the excess sensation on the head of your “machine gun”

Also having weak erection which is mainly caused by poor blood flow to your machine gun to sustain it for longer period.

What JOYSTICK TEA does is to reduce the excessive stimulation on the tip of your rod and improve blood flow to your rod..

When too much sensitivity has been reduced and improved blood flow to your rod, you will be able to last for as long as you want.

 It is as simple as that.


how to use

  • One tea spoon of Joystick in a cup of water, stir and drink.
  • Take three times weekly.
  • Note: You can take it 30 minutes before having sex. But for restorative purposes and more effectiveness, it is advisable you take it thrice weekly. This will ensure you are prepared for intercourse at any moment without taking the tea right before sex and attain peak performance.

As it is, you have three options:

The ball is in your court…

Get To Testify Like them when you use joystick tea

So, How Much Does Joystick Tea Cost?

Joystick Tea is a specially made product by professional herbal specialists.

And it normally takes 2 months to produce a batch (which is 1,000 packs) of Joystick Tea.

And also, it takes at least a month and a lot of careful work to source and get the herbs used in formulating Joystick Tea.

Hence the reason why we have a very limited quantity 

Currently, treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation cost a lot.  And most people don’t get the right  treatment and keeps suffering.

Besides, hospital treatment is not even 100% guaranteed

So, being able to get qualitative result for far less amount will be the best decision to make

That’s why we are making Joystick Tea very affordable so that, you can start to perform your manly duty fully.

…And it even Gets Better

Currently, we have only 330 packs of Joystick Tea remaining in stock and we will restock in a month’s time 

We are the original manufacturers and distributors of Joystick Tea in Africa.

We have to be transparent with you that’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to get Joystick.

This is your best chance to grab a pack..

Many of our clients see significant results within 3 days of using Joystick Tea

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Your pack of Joystick Tea will be delivered to your doorstep for FREE. It simply means that you will not pay for the delivery fee once this tea is brought to you. We’ll take responsibility to deliver the product to you at our own expense.

Special Bonus #2: Full Client Support 

You won’t just get Joystick Tea and be left all to yourself. You will have access to ongoing support from our team of professional health experts.

Special Bonus #3: An Ebook

This gift shares our top insider tips on How to give your woman mind blowing orgasm and make her addictedd to you.



Order Now To Claim 20% Off + Free Shipping
Arrives: (Wed, 26 Jun - Fri, 28 Jun)
HURRY! 330 Packs In Stock (Updated: 25 June 2024, 19:28 PM)

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But, What If Joystick Tea Doesn't Work for Me?

You may be thinking right now, “What if Joystick does not work for me?”

We absolutely guarantee that Joystick Tea works, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We are so confident that you will get good value for your money and that is why we are offering you a No-Story, Only-Results 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

If after using Joystick Tea for 30 days and it doesn’t work for you, please chat us up on WhatsApp (+2348092452403) and we will give you a 100% refund.

No stories

That’s how confident we are about how Joystick Tea will help you.

So, trust me, you will definitely send your testimony!

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Imagine being able to actually enjoy sex again… 

Now stop imagining and make it all a reality by getting


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